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Anis Sports Complex (for women) since October 2014 by Ms. ................., founder and ................ ..., the director of the collection, started his activity to provide professional services in a large space, up to 1000 meters, to bring a luxurious and relaxing environment for respected athletes and so far in the field of sports and specialized activities. It has made significant progress in a short period of time.

The complex includes 20 different sports and weight loss services, 30 staff members and 500 active members..

About Anis

Anis Sports Club

Exercising in a beautiful atmosphere, full of light and music, clean environment, being among the energetic and happy people and most importantly, practicing with experienced and lovely coaches with a good sense of life, all have led to a large number of respectable women. Enjoy the classes. These classes are available to women every day, even Fridays, from early morning to night.

aerobic sports

Aerobic exercise is a type of exercise that raises the heart rate. It is better to face the fact that our body is made to move. With exercise, stronger muscles and so on..

Stretching exercises

Increasing the flexibility of the body through stretching movements is one of the most basic steps to a healthy and fit body. It is recommended that everyone exercise at least 1 day a week.‌

Strength sports

Strength training is a type of exercise that focuses on muscle contraction, strength, endurance, and muscle size. There are many benefits to exercising properly

Functional sports

Today, due to the time constraints of each person, the majority of people are more inclined to do sports with shorter time and more impact.. Functional Training In addition to meeting this need,

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    Renewal of membership

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